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Quality Control

GHADAN is a client of SGS, the famous brand of third party survey services. We provide the quality test, and loading control according to buyer requirements , assuring quality and efficiency.


Tell us what you need. GHADAN provides the packaging and private label services including design and printing.


We have our stevedoring company which is shipping 1,200,000 tons per year

Ghadan Company For Rock Salt

About SIMA

The Snow & Ice Management Association is a North American trade association for snow & ice removal professionals. SIMA empowers snow management for success. Ghadan is registered as a contractor/ manufacturer of rock deicing rock salt in SIMA membership list.

Egyptian Rock Salt (Siwa Salt) Story :

Ghadan Company is the entity who discovered the huge rock salt deposits in the Western Desert in Matrouh, specifically near the Siwa salt lakes; and Ghadan was the first company to mine and process rock salt in Egypt. Ghadan Started the First shipment of Siwa Rock Salt in 2011 before any other company. Egypt became among the main suppliers countries of deicing rock salt to the USA, because the huge discovery, operations, and branding of Ghadan made the Egyptian rock salt a preferable source, Ghadan distinguished the Egyptian rock salt calling and promoting it as Siwa salt. Siwa salt also made Ghadan as the reliable name amongst the salt companies in Egypt.

Ghadan supplies are up to 1.50M Metric tons of various salt products (raw salt, coarse salt, deicing salt, edible salt, salt for water softening.

Through its sub diaries and facilities, Ghadan supplies bulk salt also bagged salt, Through a A-Z well-controlled process, which guarantees constant quality and swift performance.

In brief, Ghadan is where to buy rock salt.

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Rock Salt

Rock Salt, the Purest in the Nature

Welcome our new product Rock Salt from Siwa Oasis, one of the highest qualities in the world. For more info and orders contact us.

SGS Quality Tests

We are a regular client of SGS, the famous brand of survey services. We provide the quality test, and loading control according to buyer option. For old quality reports Contact us.

Mine and Storage Visits

Our potential respected clients are very welcomed to visit our Mine, Storage and the Loading Port, checking our logistic facilities and our products.

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Ghadan is looking for Partners not Buyers, once you are in a business with Ghadan, then you are one of Ghadan big Family. Feel secured and successful business advantages. We support you.